French Internet Provider sucks

In France, to be connected to the internet, you sometimes have to wait for 3 straight months, without any information whatsoever, to get your line connected. Wait, it can get better if you’re lucky πŸ˜€ Take me !

I was moving apartment and asked the guys at **** to simply PLEASE move my internet line ! You have to know, in France we have what is called Triple-Play: Internet, Telephone, TV over DSL line. It’s really great… when it works. So I moved on 1st February, called the guys at **** to ask for the move…. “Sorry sir, we have not yet received the previous tenant’s closure letter” hummm, so what ? “You have to wait”. hu ! Oh Well… It’s not my first time in this kind of situation. So I wait.
I called back on the 15th, still no. I personally call the previous tenant, who told me all had been sent a few weeks ago… OK !!!!! I call **** back again ! “No still nothing, you HAVE to wait !”. On the 21th, I call, they tell me they DID receive the closure letter BUT since it was registered on the 21th, the tenant has to pay for the next month and the line cannot be closed before the end of next month ! WTF !!!!!!
I’m so pissed right now, I will pass describing how I felt back then…
OK, I wait A WHOLE FSCKING MONTH. First days of april I call them back ! “Hey ! can I subscribe you bunch of retards ?” I understood later that I was the retarded one for still begging for subscription on such a crappy Internet provider, but you know… I was kind of sentimental with this one, I started Internet with him, it was a long relationship with no real problem, it had to go down one day or another ^^
So yes they did take my subscription… pfiou! but still it does not mean you actually HAVE the dsl line connected ! hey hey ! You thought it would be so easy ?


Welcome in France my dear fellow…

So I start waiting in good faith. It should have lasted at most 20 days, well after 30+ days I decided it was too much and told them to fsck off !!!
I went to the competitor… and the competitor has a great hotline with REAL answers, and french people on the line, I mean people who you can understand and who actually CARE about your problems. My previous Internet provider had hotlines overseas, low cost, low cost, but the guys were not friendly at all, never tried to understand, were sometimes REALLY hard to understand and very generally had NO INFORMATION on the real technical state of your line, while answering with previously-written answers making a storm coming out of me.
At the opposite, my new internet provider only has female hotliners, and well… they are HOT πŸ˜‰ at least they provide answers and are friendly (hot!).
I know I may seem very naive here, but when you wait for so long, you are glad to be at least treated as a person, and understood (especially if the person is a sweet&sexy-voiced woman πŸ˜‰ ).

I have waited for 4 months now. I’m actually STILL WAITING for my new provider to connect me. Well it would be too long to explain why it’s a pain for every internet provider to provide good service in France… I’ll put a BIG POST in here when I finally get that DSL line πŸ™‚

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