HADOPI – The comeback

HADOPI is a new French law proposition which proposes to create a new institution in charge of protecting the copyrights on music and movies (mostly, they don’t really care about any other copy rights like software but heh, not everyone can afford a lobby…)

This law was first voted and then half vetoed by the constitutional council on several counts: the idea of having somebody cut off the internet while still having to pay for its connection was removed; the HADOPI cannot emit the order to cut off the connection either: it has to to be ordered by a judge. More importantly, the burden of proof is now on the attacking party, not on the defender like it used to be in the first cut of the law.

Upon censure of half its propositions, the French government is now fomenting to counter attack on the very points that were dismissed:

  • The surveillance of the communication will be extended from P2P networks to all electronic media of communications (emails, phone, diverse messaging clients…). This very proposition had been dismissed by the parliament in the first instance.
  • Someone whose connection has been cut off will still have to pay the line renting until expiry of the subscribed contract.

There is indeed a problem of piracy on the work of artists, but this kind of legislation if hardly the answer. It even looks like it is just a pretext to be able to freely spy on citizens and control what they have access to (the minister even indicated that having search engine like Google downgrade the rank of sites offering illegal access to content — thankfully Google laughed their proposition away (although it does do it in some other countries but that’s another story)).

I do not really like the path France has been walking along lately with the following laws: HADOPI(this is the name of the institution, not the law) LEN, DAVDSI, LOPSI and the next (way worse) law LOPPSI.

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3 Responses to HADOPI – The comeback

  1. Crazy Bunta says:

    The former french minister of culture really fears nothing – understands nothing ? – !!!

    She wants to create court houses with judges dedicated to HADOPI. This is just INSANE, when you think the french courts are closing one after the other, according to the master plan of M. Sarkozy to reduce costs. It’s really incredible that people accept this. Problem is, they have no idea what are the possible consequences…

  2. Locks Free says:

    Indeed, indeed. The whole french society is evolving towards judiciarisation now and that scares me… I don’t know if this makes any sense, but to me liberty is something like blacklisting while security is white listing. And I’m not sure I’d like to live in a while listing kind of world…

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