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Google Chrome security fail – Weak SSL ciphers first!

Google Chrome 3 uses bad security practices by providing SSL/TLS with weak ciphers first: RC4 with MD5 and only then 3DES with SHA1. Chrome does not support AES encryption! Maybe not a security vulnerability, but it is a serious security weakness for Chrome. Continue reading

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How to start/stop services from the command line

To start a service: net start <service_name> To stop a service: net stop <service_name> To get the list of services installed on the computer, open the registry (use regedit) and navigate to HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services. In there you can see the list … Continue reading

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Cisco AnyConnect VPN problems on XP

I have been confronted to several different problems with this somewhat temperamental VPN client. There are some things that can be done to try to repair it when the connection cannot be established. The full reference can be found on … Continue reading

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