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Skype, your bandwidth and what being a supernode has to do with it ?

Skype is a very handy VoIP tool that comes in real handy when you’re not close to your family or even for business calls. Skype, unlike many other VoIP systems, does not rely on a set of central servers to … Continue reading

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Skype is eating at your RAM and system resources for nothing !

Today, I was browsing through the different processes on my XP box when I saw I had both a skype.exe and skypePM.exe processes. OK, so I don’t know what the SkypePM process is all about so I Google it and … Continue reading

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Is France starting to filter the Internet?

The answer is most probably YES, with the new law voted today: LOPPSI 2. The french government wants mainly: Internet Providers to filter child porn only… at least for now. Well, why not, problem is the government wants the interior … Continue reading

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Code reviewing software: a first impression

The other day I was looking for a soft to facilitate code reviews at work. I didn’t have much time to spend on it and didn’t want something too fancy, just something that would simplify the process. We have tried … Continue reading

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Creating a passionate expert

Here’s a little story, I’m sure some people will find a part of themselves or things they know in it, if they look hard enough (like astrology ^^) : Discovery of the force, it’s huge, it’s great, passion is here, … Continue reading

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Burger Thought 0001 – Fix the “Yellow traffic lights” problem

Yellow Traffic Lights Yellow traffic lights used to be there for a simple logical reason, green/red lights changes are too sudden… what happens when you’re a few meters off the traffic light and it switches colour ? Are you supposed … Continue reading

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