Creating a passionate expert

Here’s a little story, I’m sure some people will find a part of themselves or things they know in it, if they look hard enough (like astrology ^^) :

  1. Discovery of the force, it’s huge, it’s great, passion is here, soon nothing else matters
  2. Padawan gets confidence, learns a few tricks
  3. Padawan nominated in the consul of the Jedi masters! Great opportunities to learn more and get known.
  4. Early young Jedi… but comes with great responsibility
  5. Young Jedi is assigned critical tasks and can no longer sit in the consul, cause there is no time. The republic needs him!
  6. Always in tensed critical missions on the outer rims, Jedi looses proximity to the other older masters and former close friends he thought. He sees the masters only with other new young “hopes” now…
  7. Jedi is now a key asset for the Republic. Jedi knows it and his mission is too important, he has to earn his place and rank through hard work! That’s the real and only path of a man! He’s always stick to these principles learnt young, and will not bend them now!
  8. Although Jedi is not isolated, his level is unmatched on dealing Wookie peace throughout the galaxy. He has such an aura of confidence that often he is sent on mission alone or with very young Jedis he cannot rely on.
  9. Jedi is in a slump. Nobody can understand why, although the answer is not far. The path gets darker and harder. All this for what reward?
  10. Jedi discovers older masters are just a bunch of old junk, seeking more power, more money, with no training at all now, in the end being selfish. He is now convinced that they are everything he thought he was fighting against.
  11. Jedi soon cannot withstand the rhythm of all the hard missions ahead. The myth is broken. No motivation. The path gets darker as he secretly seeks for another path, but in him feels he has to stay and make the republic a better place. Such a pure objective cannot be tainted, should he be born for that!
  12. One day, Jedi, getting older, meets a Wookie, former Jedi, working in the planet security business and interested in his expertise. Jedi starts to think if another way to exploit his talents in the long term is possible… Leaving the dream, excitement and glory for a more boring but balanced life?
  13. Jedi is puzzled
  14. Jedi thinks his path will be decided… on Episode 2
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