Is France starting to filter the Internet?

The answer is most probably YES, with the new law voted today: LOPPSI 2.

The french government wants mainly:

  • Internet Providers to filter child porn only… at least for now. Well, why not, problem is the government wants the interior minister to be able to establish the list as he sees fit… Interior ministers these past years have not been examples of rigor and ethics, so the Deputes voted an amendment so this list of filtered sites gets approved by a judge. Not bad, let’s see if this amendment can stand after the long and tedious law approval process… Hang on China, here we come!
    This will become a hot topic, as french internet providers as of today do not have the technology in place to filter the Internet. They will most likely be against this part of the law. Who will pay? Don’t let me guess…
  • Police forces will be able to install government spywares, pieces of hardware or software, to fight against criminality. Well we suggest they have such a power already, now it is hidden in plain sight 🙂 Problem here is the control put in place, remember illegal phone-tapping stories? Well nobody said it was really over… Just there is no one to talk about it, which is almost the same right? …
    Interestingly, the installation of hardware pieces in home computers is not really stealth for police forces, still it’s the example being chosen to illustrate the law in some media. Breaking into your home to put a little USB key or some PCI/Firewire card in your desktop is laughable but is a good way to introduce fear: “someone might break into my home? like thieves do?”. Why use such an example, when introducing software spyware is so much easier and stealthier? (as stated in the article secret services probably use that already). Are they trying to frighten huge criminal organizations with these statements? Come On! they can’t care less. It’s the ordinary people that won’t understand the details in all this and will start wondering how far the government really wants to go with all this. In the end these doubts will continue to fuel the Fear and the “Security Problems” our politicians have been blaming for so long. Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD!) is still a good way to govern and control the masses…
  • Identity fraud on Internet will be punished. This is a good thing.

This law is not yet fully finalized and has to be voted again by the Senat and things could change… a little… but it is not very likely.

I’ll update this post when necessary.

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One Response to Is France starting to filter the Internet?

  1. Locks Free says:

    The only real possibility would be for the Socialists to involve the Constitutional Council , but I am not sure if this is likely to happen just before the regional votes…

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