Best tools around…

Very much a work in progress containing some of my favorite tools (to be completed bit by bit):

  1. Organisation
    • ToDo List: from AbstractSpoon software. Really good organizing todolist. Love the reminder, tree and list view.
  2. Desktop
    • Windows XP
      • DeskPins: let you keep any number of windows on top of the others
      • Dokan SSHFS: lets you mount a remote file system over SSH on your local windows fs. Very powerful and simple to use.
      • FreeCommander: a free clone of TotalCommander and a very good replacement for explorer. Love the keyboards shortcuts.
      • Link Shell Extension: Explorer menu shell allowing to easily create hard junction on an NTFS system. Created by Hermann Schinagl. Really useful, especially for people used to linking under Unix/Linux.
  3. Network
    • “Ad Block Plus” addon for Firefox: Block unwanted ads
    • “No Script” addon for Firefox: Allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks.
    • COMODO Firewall & Antivirus: A really good and convivial to use firewall. Love the Community ratings for the newbies.
    • Skype: simple and free VoIP software. Does not allow you to call a land line for free.
    • VoIPDiscount: great non free VoIP software. Very cheap rates to call land lines in most places. Most appreciated: allow you to pay by surtaxed SMS without having to use credit card or pay pal !
  4. Graphics
    • 3D
      • Blender: OpenSource & free 3D modeling and gaming software.
    • Photography
      • HUGIN: the best free & open source panorama stitching tool. The only thing is that you have to be really patient and set your control points with precision. A good understanding of your camera and of projection system might also come in handy.
      • PanoQTVR: to produce 360 degres animated movies.
      • Digikam: Open Source & free photo management software.
      • Microsoft ICE: If you want to create panorama or just stich photos together with the least amount of efforts, this is for you. It will not let you control anything or adjust some of its parameters or points of control, so if the result suits you, you can’t change it you have to use a different tool. But I have to say that if the photos were taken correctly, the result is more than correct.
      • Codecs for Raw format: Ok, not really a tool, but a handy page from Microsoft to locate most codecs for your camera to directly exploit raw format photos.
    • Video
  5. Software
    • Debugging
    • Coding
      • Reviewboard: I have to say, the best free tool around for the purpose. The installation under windows can be a pain, but is quite easier under linux. This tool centralizes the code reviewing process and allow for easily diff viewing, commenting on each line and responding to them and present the whole lot very nicely. I could do with a couple of extra features, but overall, very nice tool; as there moto says: Take the pain out of reviewing code
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