Error whith rspec on Ubuntu 11.04

This is mostly a personal note to remember next time I run into this.

After setting up my rails environment on Ubuntu 11.04 last night, I had the bad surprise of having an error every time I tried to run rspec tests. It was failing within a ruby gem with a const missing error on the ActionController.

To sort this out, I had to make sure I was referencing the latest rspec and webrat in my Gemfile and also upgrade to ruby 1.9.1 (1.8 is the default version on Ubuntu 11.04) with the following commands:

sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1 libruby1.9.1
sudo apt-get autoremove

Finally, I just had to run a bundle install in the rails app directory to get things sorted. Next time I ran

bundle exec rspec spec/

it gave me no error and I could nicely restart my autotest🙂

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