How to lock your Mac and not lose WiFi connectivity

Lock your Mac, seriously

When you leave your Mac alone, you need to lock it!!! The basics of security right? Apparently not…

How to lock your Mac using only your keyboard? It is really simple! This is all over the Internet but nobody using a Mac seems to know this, I have seen lots of fugly posts like “install that shareware app”, “oh use this script that needs root, I use it and it does the job, so simple!”, or “ask your sexy neighbor to come and guard your computer for you”, etc… crazy right? So here goes:

To lock the session of your Mac, it is simple, press:


or on some Macs where the Power button is replaced with the Eject button, I will give it to you in clear:


Easy enough right? Yes Win+L is faster but this is MacOSX… everything is supposed to be so much more user friendly… so you’re just wrong ^^

Stop losing WiFi when locking your Mac

If you now complain that the Wifi is disconnected when you do lock your Mac:

  1. If you want, complain to Apple, not to me, for doing something securely for once (people are good at that aren’t they? ^^)
  2. Do something about it!!! Like below:
    1. Find your Wifi network card name, it should be en0 or en1 ( try in Terminal: ifconfig|grep ^en )
    2. In a Terminal: sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport en0 prefs DisconnectOnLogout=NO
    3. Type your password when requested Et Voila!

This change is one shot and persistent! You only need to run it once and you’re done!

Now, go and enjoy a great locked Mac experience… 🙂

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7 Responses to How to lock your Mac and not lose WiFi connectivity

  1. Marketing says:

    useful than ever before.|

  2. bleighb says:

    Is there a way to turn this off? I thought I needed to run the script or set pref on each network; but, now it says permission denied so I swithced the last command to YES vs. NO to see if I could reset. I keep getting a permission denied error. please advise. Thanks!

  3. FNB says:

    Wifi still disconnects:

    AirPort preferences for en0:

    Unable to retrieve JoinMode

  4. This doesn’t work on my MacBook Pro. Wifi still disconnects.

  5. Piet says:

    Persistently does not work on my iMac

  6. Mike Q says:

    You can’t just ifconfig the way you did to get the correct hardware, you need to type ifconfig and find the device that is assigned the IP address … (usually EN0)

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