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Fiddler and failure to intercept HTTPS traffic

If for some reason (for us, it was an easy transfer between domains) you get a message from makecert that it failed to acquire a security provider form the issuer’s certificate, do the following: Open mmc Add a Certificates snap-in … Continue reading

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How to lock your Mac and not lose WiFi connectivity

Lock your Mac, seriously When you leave your Mac alone, you need to lock it!!! The basics of security right? Apparently not… How to lock your Mac using only your keyboard? It is really simple! This is all over the … Continue reading

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Fix Plymouth configuration on Ubuntu 11.04, after upgrade from 10.10

If you don’t get the splash screen you usually have on Ubuntu after an upgrade to 11.04 Natty, then you need to follow the steps below, that should work for most cases and should not harm: Launch your Terminal: sudo … Continue reading

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Skype is eating at your RAM and system resources for nothing !

Today, I was browsing through the different processes on my XP box when I saw I had both a skype.exe and skypePM.exe processes. OK, so I don’t know what the SkypePM process is all about so I Google it and … Continue reading

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Is France starting to filter the Internet?

The answer is most probably YES, with the new law voted today: LOPPSI 2. The french government wants mainly: Internet Providers to filter child porn only… at least for now. Well, why not, problem is the government wants the interior … Continue reading

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Microsoft IE6 zero day exploit

In this article, it is revealed that Micrrosoft had been informed about the vulnerability that affected IE6 and lead to the penetration of Gorogle and Adrobe sometimes last november. Now, I am not a security expert, but I do not … Continue reading

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No data encryption for SMB/CIFS

CIFS is very used in big corporate Windows environments, although authentication (generally relying on AD/Kerberos) is good and flexible, there is no built-in support for data transport encryption in CIFS…. bad :(. One solution is to deploy two GPOs on … Continue reading

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